Article Writing and Content Curation

As a virtual assistant who is also a blogger myself, I am the perfect person to hire for article writing and content curation for your website.

article writing and content curation services for bloggers

Article Writing and Content Curation

I am a seasoned blogger proficient in the use of WordPress, Blogspot (Blogger), Wix, Weebly, and Squarespace. Let me add some good content to your site! Article writing and content curation is only one of the many things I do. My clients are long-standing and consistent, and many of them I’ve worked for well over a year or more. I could very well be your ONLY content person you’ll ever need!


  • I always write with search engine optimization in mind, and when posting directly to your own blog platform, I will be sure to include appropriate keywords in titles and headings, and media tags.
  • I recognize and address little details that only a seasoned blogger would know. For instance, you will never have to worry about affiliate links being “open in a new window” and “no-follow.” I do that automatically! All external links will also be “open in a new window.” I know how to include affiliate links and disclose properly. I understand how featured images work, and how to make sure Facebook pulls the correct image from your posts. One thing my clients love is that I understand how to use a multitude of various plugins that you may have installed on your WordPress site, such as Yoast, WooCommerce, Social Warfare/Social Pug, and many more! I am also proficient with things like media uploads and how to place a featured image.
  • I am up-to-date on all the current methods and strategies for successful blogging. I have taken professional courses on search engine optimization, effective writing techniques, and more. Feel free to inquire about what I’ve learned and whether or not I have taken a course or follow methods you prefer.
  • Articles can be written directly into your post editor on WordPress, Blogspot, or other website dashboards. If you prefer, I can also deliver your article in HTML format within a Word document.


  • I can create or manage your editorial calendar (including management of apps and teams such as within CoSchedule, Hootsuite, etc)
  • I can find quality content articles within your budget for your blog by recruiting writers and managing assignments.
  • I can help you keep track of content you’ve purchased, when it’s due, follow up with who’s writing it, and motivate timely completion and edits.
  • Editing and publishing of purchased content, to make it consistent with your brand and writing voice/style.
  • I can edit past articles for search engine optimization.

Prices for Article Writing and Content Curation Services:

Blog/Website Article $25-85

  • 300-500 words, $25-35
  • 500-750 words, $35-45
  • 750+ words, $45-85

*I usually go over the word count depending on topic and client’s requests. Graphics $8 extra per image (images are used from your own stock photography/graphics source). Images are not your typical blog post images.

Blog Series Bundle $95

  • Three (3) posts forming a series on any topic, up to 750 words each.

Blog Article Plus Subscriber Freebie/Printable Included $65

Roundup on any topic, $15 base price plus $1 per link

Price depends on the number of links included (for example, a 15-link roundup is $30)

  • Includes a short description for each link, an intro and closing, and subtitles/formatting where appropriate. SEO optimized.
  • Links will be pulled first from within your own site upon request.
  • Images from links included CAN be used in a collage, and have been gained from bloggers who have given permission for use in that way.
  • A pinnable collage graphic or other social media graphic is an additional $8. Images are created with purposeful design principles in mind.

Graphic Images for any post $5-10

I can create pinnable images, Facebook, Twitter, Instagram optimized images, or build an image to your specific needs.

Stock photography/graphics used will be found from within your own sources.

  • Canva/Picmonkey images or images created from a template provided by you: $5 each
  • Photoshop/Illustrator/Indesign images or images created individually to match your branding: $10 each

Monthly or Weekly Contributor Post agreements

I provide my writing services hourly for ongoing contracts, to allow you to stay within your budget. I value my consistent clients and will work with you if at all possible to meet any need, while still honoring my commitment to high-quality service and the value of my own time spent. I charge $20 per hour for ongoing contract clients.

Content Curation/Publishing Service

Do you have articles that you need help uploading, editing/formatting, creating social media graphics, and scheduling? Need Amazon links added? Want to optimize a bunch of posts for SEO? Want to create an email to share a new post with your subscribers? I can help! I charge $20 hourly and track my time spent in Toggl. I can work within your weekly budget as well.


My content writing and article curation services are above standard, and I enjoy helping my clients’ websites look just how they envision. I accept feedback gracefully and work hard to get things perfect. And my clients keep me booked solid!