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Here is my FREE 64- page blog planner. It’s perpetual, meaning that many of the pages are undated and can be used year after year. It’s flexible for your needs, but please let me know if there’s a page you need that isn’t included and I’ll add it in! I hope you like it!

Free 64-Page Perpetual Blog Planner/Calendar

Impressions Media By Deana - perpetual blog planner

After blogging for so many years now, I’ve gradually learned what I personally needed in a planner and created my own pages in a format that works for me. From year to year, I’ve changed things around, and instead of deleting pages, I simply added the new pages to the old version. In this blog calendar, you’ll find the ultimate collection of page options that I hope will meet your needs as well.

The blog planner includes perpetual pages so you can use them year after year if you like, and future additions will always perfectly complement the older style. I chose to do this so that if you fill out a page one year, you can reuse it the next instead of having to rewrite it all (if you’re OCD about having matching pages as I am LOL). I prefer a black & white color scheme so that it’s economical on ink.

I use many of these pages in a huge 3-ring binder, but I also print out several of them to include in my happy planner. (Wondering how I do it? Here’s a post on how to print any printable planner pages to fit inside a happy planner.)

Download the 2017 version of the blog planner here (direct download, no email address needed). I know, it says 2017, but the pages inside are good for every year. I desperately need to update it soon, just haven’t had time! Been too busy with my VA work 😉



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